Keep Your Business’s Lawn Lush All Year

When Should You Overseed Your Grass

A healthy-looking landscape is one of the first things your customers will notice about your business. Whether that’s flower beds or lush lawns, you want your business’s exterior to reflect well on your business. However, how to keep it healthy can be tricky. Sometimes, over-seeding is the right choice to make in caring for your business’s lawn. Other times, it would be a less than wise decision when ensuring long-term lawn health. So, how do you know when to overseed the grass?

The Importance of Overseeding

When you’re establishing a balanced lawn treatment regime, over-seeding is a necessary element. Simply put, “over-seeding” describes the act of spreading and sowing seeds on a lawn that already exists. 

Over-seeding could be a necessary next step in your business’s lawn treatment regime for several reasons. Some of these are:

You Have a Patchy Lawn and Want Fuller, Lusher Grass

Seeing your lawn become patchy and thin can be demoralizing. To any onlooker, your lawn will appear unhealthy, and this won’t be easy to mask. Plus, this could invite moss and weeds to grow in, filling the space.

This is an instance where over-seeding is an intelligent move. By over-seeing your lawn, you’ll help make the grass coverage even denser, eliminating obvious patchiness. This will also help make your lawn more resistant to disease by crowding out moss and weeds.

Has the Lawn Recently Had Intensive Treatment?

If your landscaping has gone through an intensive treatment, you may be looking to aid in its recovery. For this purpose, over-seeding is useful. It’s perfectly healthy—and recommended, even—to periodically rake, scarify, and then aerate the lawn area. Nonetheless, immediately following this process, the grass may end up looking a bit worse for wear. 

By overseeding your business’s lawn, you’ll encourage new grass to grow in, helping your lawn recover from these intensive treatments more efficiently. Keep your business looking as sharp on the outside as it does on the inside by going the extra mile for the grass that surrounds it. 

Change the Look or Tolerance of the Grass

Over a period of time, overseeding can allow you to make changes to the appearance or tolerance of the grass. For example: Are you experiencing patchiness, but only in shady areas? Consider overseeding with a different glass blend—one that grows better without frequent, direct sunlight.

Offering Over-Seeding Services

When you’re running your business, you don’t have time to consider how much seed your grass needs, but we do! If you’re interested in high-quality over-seeding services from landscaping experts for your Oregon business, we can help. Contact Bumgardners Landscape, or check out our website.