Importance of Lawn Aeration Before Winter

To care for your property’s lawn, there are many important steps to take. Some of these steps are year-round, and some are seasonal. When it comes to commercial properties, your landscaping and lawn maintenance could be one of the first things that visitors or potential tenants will notice. You are busy running your business, so when you need lawn care, call the professionals at Bumgardners. 

Lawn aeration is especially important following the summer months since you’ll often experience more foot traffic through these months, and before the winter weather turns the soil too hard to work with. Aeration helps to restore your property’s lawn, large or small. Without aeration, nutrients from the air, water, and fertilizer may not reach the soil. This can lead to imperfections come spring. 

How Lawn Aeration Helps

  • Nutrient Availability – Your property’s lawn needs nutrients to thrive. It receives these nutrients from the air, water, and other sources of nutrients including fertilizers. For these nutrients to be utilized effectively, they have to be able to reach the soil. Numerous factors can impact the ability for this to take place such as soil compaction and thatch blockage. Aeration helps to relieve soil compaction, which can cause dead spots, patches, and thinning of your grass. Thatch is dead grass that accumulates over time and creates a thick layer that blocks rain. Aeration relieves both issues. 
  • Thicker lawn come spring – Aeration works great with overseeding, which is typically done in the fall months before the weather turns too cold. Aeration helps to stimulate root development and growth. This process increases the seed to soil contact that is necessary for a thick, beautiful lawn come spring.

Aerate Today

All commercial property owners want a beautiful lawn that makes their property stand out. Aerating your lawn is a great way to ensure healthy growth year after year. While best done in the fall, aerating is always beneficial to help your soil get the nutrients it needs to continue to thrive. At Bumgardners Landscape, we understand the importance of year-round lawn maintenance. If you want to learn more about the aeration process and what it can do for you, contact us today.