How to Water Your Plants

Keeping your plants healthy requires more than just a quick spray with a hose. Here are some essential tips for properly watering your plants this summer.

Different Plants, Different Needs

Plants have varying water requirements. Succulents, for example, prefer dry conditions and need less frequent watering. Ferns, on the other hand, thrive in moist environments. Research your specific plants’ needs to ensure they get the right amount of water.

Focus on the Soil

Watering the soil, not the leaves, is crucial. Dry soil indicates that your plants need water. Aim the water at the base of the plants to reach the roots effectively. Water thoroughly until the root ball is soaked, then stop to avoid overwatering.

Use Mulch

Organic mulch, such as shredded leaves, bark, pine needles, or compost, helps retain moisture. Mulch not only extends the life of your plants but also keeps them comfortable by maintaining consistent soil moisture.

Stay Consistent

In the busy summer months, it’s easy to forget to water your plants, especially for commercial property owners. Regular watering is vital for plant health. Consider hiring a professional landscaper or installing an automatic sprinkler system to ensure your plants are consistently watered.

Professional Landscaping Services

For assistance with plant irrigation or more complex landscaping needs, Bumgardners Landscape is here to help. Contact us today for expert advice and services.

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