How to Plant the Right Grass for Your Lawn in Oregon

There are several different varieties of grass you could choose for your home, so before planting it is essential to know the differences between the varieties in terms of color, care, and best time to plant. If you want to match the existing grass around your home, a lawncare expert from Bumgardners Landscape can help you find the seeds to match and cover dry or dead spots in your lawn.


Warm Vs. Cool Weather Grasses

If you want to plant cool weather grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, Rye, or Fescue, the best time to plant is during the spring or early fall. These grasses need time to grow before they can withstand the extreme temperatures of the winter and summer. On the other hand, warm weather grasses like Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grow best when you plan them in the early summer because they will not thrive unless the soil has time to warm up from the colder months. 

Determine Your Growing Conditions

Choosing the right type of grass is just one concern; you also need to determine the amount of light your grass receives, foot traffic patterns around your home, and how your pets may affect grass growth. For example, if your yard has a lot of sun protection from surrounding trees, grasses that require a lot of sunlight may have trouble thriving. 

Best Oregon Grasses

The coastal region of Oregon has a cool and humid climate, while the eastern part of the state is generally cool and arid. Generally, cool weather grasses like Rye, Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass fare the best in Oregon, so you want to aim for planting in the early spring or early fall. When you decide to plant new grass, pay attention to the upcoming weather forecast. Plan to plant just before a rainstorm for the best results, but remember that planting before a severe storm could lead to your grass seeds washing away.