How to Hire a Commercial Landscaper

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The exterior of your property is an important part of your business as a whole. It’s the first thing clients see, and it should be maintained as much as the rest of your property. However, running a commercial business is hard enough as-is without needing to trim your hedges, water your flowers, and mow your lawn once a week. For that, you need a commercial landscaper. But how do you hire one?

Check Their Qualifications

Like anyone you hire, you want the right person for the job. Make sure they have their licenses in order, are experienced at what they do, and leave customers satisfied with their service.

Check Their Services

If you have a garden full of flowers, you don’t want to hire a landscaper who only specializes in lawn-mowing or hedge-trimming. When you’re checking to see if they’re qualified, you should also see if they have any specialties that don’t suit your needs, and narrow the list down.

Avoid Red Flags

Did they provide invalid or unverifiable credentials? Is it impossible to get client references, license information, or a reasonable completion date? Are they demanding a large payment up front? If you feel like you’re being tricked, you probably are, so be careful.

Set Up a Contract

Once you’re ready to hire your landscaper, you’ll need a good contract. If they’re providing one, make sure it’s not misleading or unfair, and go over the specifics in advance. You’ll want to use this time to discuss payment methods, schedule work dates, and what equipment they’ll be using. Neither of you want to be taken advantage of, so it’s important to get a contract that works for both of you and ensure that both parties are in agreement.

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