How to Create a Sustainable Landscape in Your Home

Plants provide oxygen to our lungs. They are also a playground for essential pollinators and a huge source of the food that we consume. As an essential part of our lives, many people have taken to sustainable planting as a way to rely less on big corporations and become more self-sustaining.

Tips to Start a Sustainable Garden

However, you may think that you do not have enough space or do not have the green thumb to make this work. With these few tips, though, you can be growing your own plants and creating a more self-sustainable space:

  • Lack of space. If you are allowing a lack of space/property to stop you from starting your own sustainable landscape, consider potting. Plants can be grown in a variety of compartments from old plastic bins to cooking pots and bowls. You can grow anything from herbs and spices to flowers, and vegetables. If you do not have the space for a garden, find a compartment to start growing your own plants.
  • Composting. It is often expensive to buy plant growth hormones and not needed. Instead, much of what we eat and throw away can be used to support and nourish our plants. Starting a compost is a natural way to fertilize your plant soil without investing in expensive and potentially toxic growth hormones.
  • Water conservation. During the rainy season, set out a garbage can or the like to capture water flow. You can then use this water for your plants instead of the sink water saving you money on your water bill and helping to preserve our fresh water supply across the country.

Building a More Sustainable Future

If you are looking to start your own sustainable landscape, you can! Even the smallest of spaces can support plant life if utilized properly. For more tips and landscape questions, contact Bumgardners Landscape today.