Garden Pests vs. Helpful Critters

Understanding which critters aid your garden and which ones cause harm is essential for effective landscaping. Let’s explore the differences between garden pests and helpful critters.

Garden Pests

Garden pests are creatures that damage plants by feeding on them or spreading disease. They can range from insects to small mammals. Some common garden pests include:

– Aphids: These rapidly breeding insects feed on plants and secrete a sticky substance called honeydew, which attracts more pests.
– Moths: Various types of moths can quickly and destructively consume plant leaves, grass, and crops.
– Rodents and Small Mammals: Animals like rabbits and squirrels may seem harmless but can eat leafy greens, steal seeds, and dig up gardens.

Helpful Critters

On the other hand, helpful critters contribute positively to your garden’s health. They can deter pests, pollinate plants, and enrich the soil. Key beneficial critters include:

– Bees: Vital pollinators that support the ecosystem by helping plants reproduce. Butterflies also serve as excellent pollinators without the risk of stings.
– Ladybugs: Natural predators of aphids, protecting your plants from damage.
– Spiders: These creatures consume harmful insects while leaving your plants unharmed.
– Worms: They improve soil quality by providing essential nutrients.
– Birds: Apart from pollinating, birds can control pest populations, including rodents, depending on their size.

Professional Landscaping Assistance

If managing your garden’s ecosystem becomes challenging, Bumgardners Landscape is here to help. We ensure your garden remains healthy, beautiful, and ecologically balanced. Contact us today for expert landscaping services.

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