Four Basic Lawn Care Tips

You know what a beautiful lawn looks like, but do you know how to maintain it? Many homeowners in Medford, Oregon, dream of having a healthy looking, freshly trimmed green lawn, but some may not know how to go about sustaining such a lawn. There are three elements that impact the health of your lawn: the weather, soil, and correct lawn care procedures. Though the weather and soil quality are out of your control, you are in control of the way you handle your lawn, which can make a huge difference if taken seriously. If you are in the dark about keeping your lawn looking gorgeous and smooth, here are some basic tips to help you:


1. Water When the Lawn Is Dry

For the most part, grass needs one and one and a half inches of water each week, and this is especially important throughout the summer months. Water your lawn thoroughly in the morning but not every day. Once a week is sufficient.


2. Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp

Sharp cutting with a worn-out blade can result in a bunch of grass with frayed and ragged looking edges. This kind of grass will turn brown at a rapid pace and will increase the chances that the grass will become diseased.


3. Change Up Your Mowing Style

Altering your mowing pattern certifies that the wheels are not going over the same regions each time, which can easily result in barren areas and weaken the quality of the grass overall.


4. Fertilize Completely but Not Excessively

Fertilize four times on an annual basis but keep the process simple. You may be able to fertilize once a year if you opt to fertilize in the fall, because it offers the opportunity for energy and nutrients to increase in cooler weather and the roots can store nutrients in the winter, which will result in enhanced growth in the spring. In addition, choose a fertilizer with a label of 4-1-2, and don’t hesitate to consult with an expert for advice about the optimal type of fertilizer for your grass and soil. Opt to apply fertilizer about three weeks before the last mowing of the season.



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