Five Popular Landscaping Trends This Season

Summer in Medford, Oregon, is best spent outdoors, which means it the optimal time to start renewing your home’s exterior space, so you can reap the benefits of a beautiful landscape throughout the duration of the summer. 


If you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming residential landscaping project, take a look at the some of the top landscaping trends \for the latest and greatest ideas of the season. 


Adding Outdoor Lighting


Many people want to spend time outdoors without having to abandon the appealing aspects of their indoor environments. Outdoor lighting is a detail that can provide a pleasant, sunny spirit to an outdoor space. Lighting can be added to outdoor fireplaces, garden beds, decks, swimming pools, and staircases to create a truly glowing effect. Extra outdoor lighting can also make spending time outdoors enjoying your landscape safer after the sun has gone down.


Installing Outdoor Appliances


Modern landscapes are built for the purpose of both living and entertaining. They combine functionality and elegance to create a high-quality outdoor space. Numerous homeowners enjoy cooking and entertaining on their landscapes and yearn to bring all their indoor amenities to their outdoor areas.


This is precisely why installing outdoor furniture and appliances, such as showers, baths, bars, lounge areas, televisions, and fully functioning outdoor kitchens are some of the most prominent trends this season. Homeowners relish the comfort of having a fridge, ice maker, and storage cupboards readily available in their outdoor spaces for added convenience. 


Incorporating Colors


Adding a burst of color to your landscape is a key trend this year. There is a special interest in incorporating contrasting colors within a garden and a across the landscape in hopes of creating a truly playful and eye-catching assortment outdoor scene. 


Customized Fire Pits


Tailor-made fire pits are another vital landscaping trend that has been popular for several years. Homeowners enjoy warming their outdoor space with a custom-made fire pit made especially for their unique landscapes.


Growing Food in the Garden


In addition to growing colorful plants, growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your outdoor garden has become popular way to eat healthy this season.

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