Fall Landscaping Ideas for Business Properties

Each season brings new ways to achieve the best possible curb appeal, for your commercial property. In particular, landscaping opportunities are going to vary. If you’re hoping to keep your business property beautiful this fall, here are some tips to get you started.

 1. Add Some Evergreens 

If you’re looking to help fall colors stand out, then it’s a fantastic idea to incorporate evergreens into your property. Then, they can serve as a great backdrop, set against the colorful autumn foliage.

 2. Plant Fall Perennials 

Before the start of fall, make sure to look into the perennials of the season. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of options for you to choose from, depending upon the overall look of your property. Some strong potential options are goldenrod, blue mist shrub, autumn crocus, Joe Pye weed, and more.

 3. Aerate Your Property’s Lawn 

If there is any time to aerate your commercial property’s lawn, it’s the fall. To start, weed pressure is lower in the fall, compared to other times in the year. The increased moisture and lower temperatures are other reasons to consider aerating your property, during the autumn months.

If rainfalls lead to puddles forming in the grass, this will compress the underlying soil. Ultimately, this can make it more difficult for roots to receive water, as well as other important nutrients.

 4. Stay on Top of Leaves 

Don’t allow falling leaves to build up on your property — it might feel inconsequential, but it can have a substantial impact on the tidiness of your commercial property. Neater lawns create a more inviting appearance, helping to attract new customers and clients to your business. Plus, whenever leaves start to build up, it’s possible that they will get packed down, smothering your grass.

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