Fall Landscape Maintenance

Fall Landscape Maintenance Tips Medford, OR

Fall is the perfect time of year to winterize your lawn and garden. Taking the proper steps now will ensure that your landscaping remains healthy and productive through the cold months and is ready to thrive in the spring. Check out the following measures to maintain your outdoor space.

Prep Your Lawn – Apply fertilizer so the grassroots will absorb and store nutrients to be used when spring arrives. Fertilizer used during the fall should have a higher potassium content and lower nitrogen content than fertilizer used during the summer. Continue mowing, aiming for a grass height of around one and a half inches. Cutting your grass lower allows moisture to escape and prevents lawn disease. Rake leaves regularly to prevent the development of mold during the wet winter months.

Test Soil Quality – Obtain a soil testing kit from a local nursery or university. In Oregon, soil often includes a high content of clay, reducing drainage. After you receive your test results, you can determine if you should add compost, limestone, or other materials to improve your soil quality.

Prune and Deadhead – Once your perennials become brown, gently prune them to remove damaged or crossed branches. Doing so opens up space for new growth in the spring. Be careful not to prune excessively as this can damage flower buds.

Mulch Your Beds – Mulching adds necessary nutrients to your topsoil, allows it to retain a consistent temperature during cold months, and minimizes weeds’ growth. You can save garden scraps to mulch or purchase mulch from a landscaping company.

Prep Irrigation Systems – Freezing temperatures will cause any remaining water in your irrigation systems to expand and cause serious damage. To prevent this, remove the water from your irrigation systems. It can be more cost-effective to call in professionals to do this for you, as repairing or replacing your system if you damage it will be much more expensive.

If you have questions about how to winterize your lawn and garden or would prefer to let the experts handle this for you, contact Bumgardners Landscape. Our family-owned full-service landscaping company has provided superior customer service to Medford locals since 1993. Let our trained professionals help you with any of your landscaping needs.