Fall Flowers for Your Garden

Spring and summer are the time most people associate with plants and flowers. That’s when they bloom, and the fall is for finishing harvests, watching the trees turn into vibrant colors, and preparing for winter. However, some flowers don’t only live through the fall but actively bloom late in the year. Here are some beautiful fall flowers to consider planting in your garden.

Oregon Grape

An evergreen plant that produces bright yellow flowers, the Oregon grape is an excellent choice, especially for anyone interested in planting a native species. They’re even named after the state!


Known for their various species and colors, chrysanthemums are grown worldwide and tend to bloom in the fall. They’re perfect for your garden, especially because you have plenty of options, regardless of your aesthetic and color scheme.

Toad Lily

Toad lilies will start growing in the summer, but they won’t flower until the fall, at which point their delicate beauty will make them a perfect addition to your garden all season long.


With their outstandingly vibrant colors and use in attracting and feeding pollinators, asters serve a function of both beauty and environmental value. The bees and butterflies will thank you, and so will the rest of your garden.

Flowering Kale

Meant to be admired and not eaten, flowering kale turns a nice shade of purple and adds a lot of colors while also being a hardy and cold-resistant plant that won’t mind a little frost.

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