Licensed & Affordable Commercial Landscaping Medford

Any business owner or commercial property manager knows how difficult it is to keep a well-manicured, aesthetically pleasing landscape on top of their other responsibilities. Not only do you have to worry about the grasses, trees, and flowers, but you need to consider things like irrigation, pest control, and landscaping design.

That’s where Bumgardners Landscape comes in. We’re a full-service commercial landscaping company that can care for everything for you, from design to installation to maintenance. Our team of experienced professionals can handle any landscape project, big or small. We have a wide range of services to choose from, so you can get the exact look you want for your business.

The Commercial Landscaping Services That Stand Us Apart

We offer many popular commercial landscaping services for the Medford area, including:

  • Landscape design. The actual landscape design of your commercial property is very personal and should reflect the style and branding of your business. Our experts can create a unique design that brings to life the exact vision for your property.
  • Once the design is finalized, our team can install all the necessary landscaping elements quickly and efficiently. We’ll take care of everything, from the grass to the trees and even the irrigation system.
  • A well-maintained landscape requires a lot of water, especially in the hot Medford summers. Our irrigation services can care for all your watering needs so your landscape stays healthy and looks great.
  • Pest control. Keeping pests out of your commercial landscape can be challenging, but our team is up for the task. We have years of experience dealing with common pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and deer.
  • Once your landscape is installed, it’s important to have regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Our team can provide maintenance services to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

The Value of Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company

You can’t afford to take chances when it comes to your business. Hiring a professional commercial landscaping company like Bumgardners Landscape is the best way to ensure that your landscape is in good hands.

Top reasons why our current clients continue to work with us:

  • We have a wealth of experience in commercial landscaping, allowing us to provide unique and innovative designs for our clients that you will not see from other traditional landscapers.
  • We have a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service and will treat your landscape as if it was their own personal home.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of services, including a full-scale installation and maintenance service that will not require you to lift a finger.
  • We take a holistic and personalized approach to landscaping, ensuring that your specific needs are met and that you are completely satisfied with the result.

When it comes to your business, don’t take chances. Hire professional commercial landscaping experts at Bumgardners Landscape. We have satisfied clients throughout the Medford area and look forward to the chance to transform your commercial landscape into something beautiful that patrons will take notice of.