Bumgardners Landscape | What to Avoid When Landscaping This Winter

What to Avoid When Landscaping This Winter

To keep your commercial grounds looking healthy and beautiful, there are several things you don’t want to do. Whether they create more work for you in the spring and summer months or cause damage to the landscape, you will want to avoid these missteps.

Adding Excessive Fertilizer

You don’t want to use too much fertilizer before the dampness begins to collect, as it can lead to snow mold growing on your grass. Snow mold is a fungus that occurs in late winter and early spring. Though small amounts won’t cause severe damage to the lawn, large amounts can leave permanent bald spots and damaged grass. Despite the name, snow mold doesn’t require snow to grow. It only needs weather that is cold, wet, and overcast.

Using Weed Killer Treatments

Weed killers shouldn’t be used in cold weather. They can actively harm the landscape and environment. 

Keeping the Grass Too Short or Too Long

It’s important to keep grass within the recommended two to three inches long. If it’s too short, the cold weather is more likely to affect and break it, and the damage can encourage mold. Alternatively, if the turf is too long, it will clump together and collect moisture throughout the season, leading to mold growth. The lawn should be cut until the turf stops growing for the winter.

Waiting Until Spring to Plant

Oregon’s weather makes winter better gardening weather than summer, so you should start planting your spring blooms early. If it’s too cold, you can still start putting together plans.

How Professional Commercial Landscapers Can Help

This winter is a great time to talk with professionals about the design and plotting of your commercial landscape. If you feel overwhelmed by the tasks you need to do in the spring and summer, we can help. Commercial landscaping jobs are big, and Bumgardners Landscape has a team qualified to handle them. Contact us today.