Blooming Business – How Landscaping With Flowers Can Boost Your Business

Top 6 Summer Flowers for Oregon Gardens

When you’re running a business, sorting through which flowers will flourish in what temperatures is likely low on your list of priorities. But how your business’s exterior aesthetic matters – and ever-budding blooms are always eye-catching. A blooming garden makes any building or office look professional, but it also suggests personalized attention and care.

Consider the following flowers that offer low maintenance but lots of appeal. 

Some of the flowers on this list begin to bloom in the springtime, others only during the summer, and some don’t begin blooming until late summer, carrying over into fall, ensuring your business’s landscaping will have beautiful blooms all year. 

  • Gladiolus

These essential summer flowers grow from bulbs and require support from other plants or staking. Or, instead, you can grow them in a cutting garden, clipping the blossoms off for indoor blooming. 

  • Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

This shrub blooms during the summer, and despite its downfalls, breeders have helped create better-behaved varieties. This way, you can enjoy these beautiful blooms without having to manage a potentially invasive plant.

  • Daylilies

These summer blossoms come in a wide variety of different colors. Plus, they can help provide your garden with grassy foliage, countering shrubs with broader leaves. All you have to do is plant them once, and you’ll see them bloom every year.

  • Sunflowers

In or outside the state of Oregon, sunflowers are a summer staple for many gardeners. For classic sunflowers, plant the seeds in the spring and water them when needed. It’s that simple.

  • Roses

A wide variety of roses are available, and in some cases, these flowers can bloom in nearly all seasons—spring, summer, and fall. Just do your research beforehand, as some rose varieties can be on the high-maintenance side. 

  • Dahlias

Dahlias come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Before the wintertime, you may need to dig up the tubers to protect them from frost. Or simply mulch them, and replant, as necessary. 

A flower garden is a great way to get your customers’ attention, especially one that is well-tended. Prove your efficiency before your customers even walk through the door by investing in professional landscaping.  Contact the landscaping experts of Bumgardners Landscape today to get your flower garden blooming.