Gardening and Landscaping Tips for Fall

How to Work on Your Garden in the Fall

Fall isn’t just a great season for fertilizing and seeding, but it’s an excellent time to do some planting as well. As the temperatures are only beginning to drop, the soil remains warm, making it ideal for root establishment. Cooler weather also decreases the strain put on plants by the heat.

Whether you hope to see your landscape and garden flourish come next spring, or if you simply want to plant in time for the harvest season this fall, it’s not too late to get started. Use the following guidelines to begin the process of creating your very own dream garden.

Schedule Planting Accordingly

Before you plant any trees or shrubs, be sure there will be ample time for the roots to get situated and acclimated before the temperature drops significantly. If your already half-way into the season, opt to plant the species that are quicker to become acclimated in the soil, such as chestnut, maple, sycamore, or crabapple trees and deciduous shrubs. Hold off until springtime to start planting the types of trees that take more time to establish roots.

If you plan to plant fruits or vegetables in your garden this fall, be sure to look at the seed packets, as they have important information concerning what time of the year you should plant them in. Review your packets or search for seeding info online to ensure that there is more than enough time for your seeds to grow prior to planting.

Clean Your Garden Bed

Take the time to clean your garden beds as much as possible before you start planting. Sweep it clear of any fallen sticks, leaves, pinecones, weeds, or other common debris. Doing so is instrumental to avoiding both insect infiltration and fungus growth.

Transfer Fruit Plants

If you have planted raspberries or strawberries at some point during the summer, be sure to transfer them now, as they are prone to depleting the soil of its nutrients and slowing the growth of neighboring plants.Plant Bulbs

Fall is the only time to plant bulbs in time for them to grow in the spring. For the best results, make sure to plant your bulbs promptly after you purchase them and at least 8 weeks prior to the first hard frost of the season.

Whatever flowers and shrubs you want to see in your yard, we can make that happen. Talk with Bumgardeners Landscape for help today.

Summer Is Ending: Plan Your Attack on Fall Leaves Now

One of the biggest landscaping headaches for most property owners is the blanket of fall leaves that come with the change of seasons. Autumn leaves can have a seasonal charm when they’re on the trees, but as soon as they begin to fall, you could have a major landscaping problem on your hands. Start strategizing how you’ll dodge the barrage of fall leaves this autumn now, before foliage-related issues have a chance to negatively impact you. Bumgardners Landscape can help.


3 Issues with a Lawn Full of Leaves


Bumgardners Landscape is no stranger to the myriad issues that can stem from letting fall foliage buildup on a lawn. We’ve seen first-hand how leaves can create major issues for residential and commercial property owners. We can help you avoid the following common problems:


  • Trapped moisture. Fallen leaves can trap moisture in places it can cause damage, such as your roof and gutters. Moisture can lead to leaks, dry rot, mold, and mildew. Leaving wet leaves on the ground can also contribute to slip and fall accidents.
  • Dead grass. Too many leaves on the ground can smother the plants underneath, as well as block them from the sunlight they need to survive. Failing to clean up your leaves can damage your landscape.
  • Pest problems. Fall foliage on the ground provides the perfect protection for pests such as rodents, spiders, and mites – critters you don’t want to attract to your lawn or home. Getting rid of the leaves also gets rid of the pests living in them.


You might think it’s harmless to leave your fall leaves on the ground, but in fact the opposite is true. Unless they fall right onto a compost bed, leaves won’t decompose and help your lawn. Don’t let leaves suffocate your lawn and damage your home. Give your yard the attention it needs this fall with professional landscaping services.


Schedule Fall Cleanup Services Early


Don’t wait until you notice signs of serious problems happening under a blanket of fall leaves to schedule landscaping services in Medford. Instead, schedule your services early to avoid foliage-related fall problems. Contact our team today for residential or commercial services.



Simple and Fun Landscaping Project Ideas for Summer

Tackling a landscaping project in your back or front yard can be a fun summertime activity for your whole family. Regardless of whether your yard is big or small, a landscaping project can make a significant impact on the appearance of not only your lawn, but your home, as well. Luckily, there are countless ways and cost-effective landscaping projects you can begin this summer. If you are looking for something simple to get you started, check out the following 4 landscaping projects you should consider trying this season.

Plant Flowers

If your landscape seems to lack color, planting flowers is a great way to enliven the hues of your lawn. Colorful flowers create an eye-catching and inviting landscape, which will cultivate a great environment for your upcoming summer barbecues and outdoor events.

Mow Your Lawn

While mowing your lawn may seem basic, routine maintenance can do wonders for your lawns. During the summer, be sure to mow your lawn regularly. Experts suggest not cutting more than 1-3 inches of the grass height and mowing once during a week.

Be careful not to cut your lawn too short, as doing so can restrict the development of root growth, foster weed development, and impair your lawn’s ability to grow strong.

Try Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing is the ideal way to add a stylistic flare to your yard and walkways and establish a decorative border to encompass your lawn. You can use pavers, concrete, or brick to curb your landscape, but brick and pavers are the easiest choices to install.

Brighten Up With Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners love to spend time outdoors in the summer, but it can be difficult to navigate after the sun goes down if you don’t have adequate lighting around your home. Brighten up your outdoor areas with some landscape lighting so you can continue spending time in your backyard after the sunlight disappears for the day. Use string lights and lanterns to incorporate a subtle glow around your yard and decrease shadows, whereas placing smaller lights alongside your walkways or deck areas will provide more shadows and flashier patches of light.

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper

The rainy Oregon climate makes it an ideal place to develop beautiful gardens and landscaping. Spring has come, and it is time to reevaluate your property and plan. Though it is tempting to do all the work, yourself, it is a good idea to hire a professional landscaper. Following are some reasons why you should hire a landscaper to renovate your property this spring.

Experience Designing and Working in Your Climate

No matter how long you have lived here, you will not have the experience working with properties in Oregon that professional landscapers have. They have worked with numerous different properties, each time learning something new about how to most effectively design and work in this climate.

Boost Your Home Value

Having professional landscaping significantly beautifies your property. Especially if you are planning to sell your home soon, stunning gardens and style will appeal to potential buyers and give you the option of selling your home for more.

Get Artistic Vision

Professional landscapers have often worked with countless clients on all different types of homes. They have developed an artistic vision. A professional landscaper can suggest things you would not have considered if you were doing the landscaping, yourself. New and unique ideas can bring a pleasing, individualistic sense to your home.

Less Maintenance

As enjoyable as gardening is for many people, it is a lot of work to keep up. Most gardens need consistent watering and, for ideal growth, trimming and sheering. Many professional landscapers offer multiple services, including maintenance. You can have them come once a week or twice a month to do anything that is necessary to retain the beauty of your property.

Conserving Water

Though the Oregon rain plays a large role in watering gardens, many people still have some type of irrigation system installed. Most landscapers also offer irrigation help as one of their services. Replacing and improving your irrigation system can save a large amount of water. Not only is it good for the environment, reducing your water usage will save you significant amounts of money on your water bill.

Why You Need Great Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping may seem like one of the least important parts of your business. People come to you for your products and services, which will speak for themselves. Aesthetic aspects of your building seem trivial. However, having great landscaping on your commercial property can end up making a large difference. Impressive commercial landscaping is important for many reasons.

You Want to Make a Good First Impression

For any business, first impressions are vital. It can be the deciding factor for whether a potential client is going to choose your services or not. The landscaping at the entryway of your building is the first thing people will see. Even though it may seem completely unrelated, people will make judgments based on the appearance of your building. If your landscaping is disorganized and neglected, potential customers may think your company is careless. If you have well-maintained, appealing landscaping, your business will come off as professional and dependable.

It Will Affect the Mood of Potential Clients 

Along with impacting first impressions, your entryway may affect the mood of your clients. A dreary landscape will most likely make people feel uneasy as they head into your business. A cheery and beautiful landscape can make people feel hopeful about their interaction with you and your company.

It is a Type of Advertising

As odd as it may sound, the landscaping at your entryway is a type of advertising. Like pamphlets or commercials, it will impact a person’s decision to work with you. Consider what image you would want people to associate with your business. An organized, appealing garden will create a more positive connection for people.

Creates a Positive Environmental Association

Treatment of the environment is becoming a factor many people consider when deciding who to work with. Many people appreciate businesses that appreciate the environment. By utilizing the full potential of your entryway landscaping, you are showing clients how much you enjoy and respect the environment. Seeing a business invested in the environment is appealing to many people and could be the factor that helps clients decide to work with your company.