Choosing the Right Decorative Rocks for Your Landscaping Project

Using rock in landscaping is a growing trend in Medford, OR.  They are popular because they help conserve water and even allow more water to saturate plants in the landscaping for longer during hot months.  There are many types of decorative landscaping rocks.  Each type of rock has a great color and adds to the beauty of a garden or landscaped yard, but they all also serve different purposes in landscaping.

River Rock

River rock is colorful!  You will see colors like brown, red, white, black, and grey.  Using river rock in larger beds helps keep them bright and looking more colorful than other rocks.  They are best used for big areas because they are larger, flatter, and more colorful than the other types of decorative rocks.

Chipped Rock

Chipped rock is around the same size as river rock, and it is pieces of larger rocks that are chipped into pieces.  They are not a smooth landscaping rock.  Chipped rock is usually just one color, and the most popular color is white.  These rocks look good in a flower bed or around a pool.  If you have a potted garden, chipped rocks are also good for this type of garden.

Lava Rock

Little pieces of lava are red and typically used for accenting areas of landscaping that would otherwise be bare.  They are great for large and small areas, but they are not smooth, so people shouldn’t walk barefoot on them!


Flagstone is a great stone to use for steppingstones or building paths throughout your landscaping.  Flagstone looks natural and tends to flow with other rocks in your landscaping.  While this rock is not something that replaces a mulch or other filler for landscaping, it is a great type of rock to use in areas that you need places to step or as a border around beds.

If you need help coming up with a plan for your landscaping this summer, Bumgardners Landscape in Medford can help you decide on the rocks and plants that right for your yard or property.

New Summer Patio Ideas

Patios are the perfect place to create summer memories in Medford, OR.  If you want a patio that is great for entertaining, a piece of solitude for you and your family, or a great place to watch your favorite show, there are ways to create the space you want to live outdoors with a custom patio and landscaping that compliments the new space.

Dine Outside

A dining area outside is a perfect way to entertain with style.  Enjoy fresh Oregon summers with a rock patio and a teak dining set.  You can install a summer kitchen with a grill and complete your outdoor kitchen as well.  Stringing outdoor lights from your trees can complete the lively outdoor space.

Entertainment and Landscape

Adding a wall to your patio and a roof will give you the space to install your new smart TV.  Enjoy watching your shows or the game with shrubs or rock and potted plant garden surrounding the patio.  Your new space will be a hit with your friends and family.  Complete your design with comfortable outdoor furniture.

Shade Yourself

Pergolas are a wonderful way to cover a patio and incorporate rocks, plants, and lights into an outdoor area that feels like it is inside.  A pergola is easy to build and looks great over any type of patio!


Consider a patio that has a canning kitchen built-in.  Include a counter height table and bar stools to convert it to a bar when you entertain!  Canning in the kitchen can be a process that heats up the whole home and is uncomfortable.  A canning space outdoors allows you to enjoy the evening breeze while you put up your vegetables.

Pizza Oven

While outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are all the rage, why not have a pizza oven to be unique.  Build your patio and a pizza oven on the end that people can gather around.  Set a small dining table and chairs out, so everyone can enjoy Friday night pizza at your house!

If you are building a patio this summer, you can also get creative with plants and shrubbery to complete your design.  Contact Bumgardners Landscape for information about plants that will accentuate your new back yard space.


Transforming Your Backyard into a Space for Entertaining

Now that summer is here, entertaining your friends and family may be a high priority.  Backyards are a beautiful place for summer barbecues and gathering for special events.  If you have a back yard that is a blank slate, it doesn’t take much to turn it into a perfect place for conversation and summer dinners in Medford, OR.

  • Grilling for a crowd. An area to have your grill and entertain can be as easy as putting up a pergola and laying down some decking or cement pavers.  Choose a large enough area to dine in the same space.  Potted plants or trees can help highlight the area while you place permanent plants around the perimeter of your yard.
  • Zones are trending in backyard fun. Create zones if you have children and love to entertain.  A play area can be closer to the back perimeter of a back yard, while you can have a bar and dining area toward the front.  This allows everyone to gather with friends and be in the same general space.
  • If you want a cozy spot to relax, consider a pergola for two. Hang a hammock or gather two chairs and allow vines to crawl up three sides of the structure for privacy.  Lattice works well for plants and vines but still allows for cool breezes.
  • Bring your living area outside. If you want to entertain outside on a regular basis, an outdoor rug and an outdoor living set are great ways to feel comfortable with your friends and family.  Tall plants work well to highlight the space and act as a natural way to decorate your open-air living room.

Plants and grasses in a space that is used for entertaining should be strong enough to withstand the foot traffic going through your yard.  Planting flowering plants and shrubs around the yard and then adding potted plants and trees throughout will give you a functional space that is customizable to each event.  Bumgardners Landscape is ready to help you maintain your lawn and plants throughout the summer season in Medford, OR.

Creating a Garden for Healing

A healing garden is all about making an outdoor space that invokes feelings of peace and being in touch with the plants, grasses, and structures that allow a person to relax.  The garden acts as a place to feel open and gain positivity from nature.  Healing gardens are proven to reduce stress.  A healing garden has a few components that are all personal choices.  Some time spent with plants is needed to know what plants to choose for the garden.


Colors are important in a healing garden because specific colors can make a person feel calmer, while others can make someone feel anxious.  Know the colors that relax you so that you can choose plants in that color scheme.


Plants like eucalyptus or mint can stimulate the senses and make a person feel relaxed.  Fragrant flowers, herbs, and medicinal plants are a wonderful way to feel calm almost right away.  Choose the plants that you love to smell for your healing garden.


A garden with different textures is easier to enjoy and relax in because it gives people something to meditate on while they sit in solitude.  You can choose bamboo and roses or tall grasses and small orange flowering plants for a contrast of textures.

Water Features

The sound of trickling water is usually calming.  Choosing a fountain for your healing garden can allow you to have some background noise that is soothing for your duration in the garden.


A birdbath or hummingbird feeder are effective ways to bring sounds into your healing garden and enjoy watching birds while you relax.


There are plant mixes that attract butterflies to your garden!  Enjoy watching them while you think about the day ahead and sip on your morning coffee or tea.

Bumgardners Landscaping offers residents of Medford summer maintenance of your lawn, plants, hedges, and ground covers.  We also work with sprinklers and lighting for your garden.  When the seasons change, we are available for fertilizing, mulching, and cleaning up patios.  Contact us for all your landscaping needs or help with your healing garden.

4 Traits of an Ideal Landscaper

No matter what kind of landscaping plan you have in mind for your Medford, Oregon lawn, you want to make sure you hire the best landscape experts in the area. Finding the appropriate people for your lawn and your needs will ensure a quick and smooth process. When searching for a landscaper, look for the following traits.

Strong Reputation

The best landscape company for your lawn should have a strong reputation among the community. Personal references are valid, but you may need second opinions to reinforce them. You can verify that reputation by searching for online reviews and databases to see how other community members see those services. In addition, ask the landscaping specialists for references as well to see how they provide their services and how effective they are.

Necessary Qualifications and Experience

In addition to their community reputation, you should also check that the workers have the appropriate license, credentials, and insurance requirements. Again, online databases can assist you to determine how qualified they are. Looking out for these requirements will prevent future legal and operational problems. Additionally, make sure that the landscape employees have the right experience for the job. For example, if you desire more complex structures in your lawn, you will need an architect with college degrees and a license.


Beyond just experience and qualifications, the landscape experts should also strive for reliability and flexibility. The lead designer or architect should communicate with you if there are any issues and he or she should reach back to you as soon as possible if you try to talk to them. Also, the landscapers should adapt to any situations with your yard, depending on the type of work you want done or if any unexpected incidents occur. Ensuring a strong relationship between yourself and the workers is an important priority that will lead to better results.

Provide the Right Price

Consider the specific plan you have for your lawn and all the components that will go into it, as well as the price for everything. After that, consult with a variety of landscapers and obtain different quotes from each one. The ideal landscape company should meet with you regarding the proposed budget and your overall plans.