4 Traits of an Ideal Landscaper

No matter what kind of landscaping plan you have in mind for your Medford, Oregon lawn, you want to make sure you hire the best landscape experts in the area. Finding the appropriate people for your lawn and your needs will ensure a quick and smooth process. When searching for a landscaper, look for the following traits.

Strong Reputation

The best landscape company for your lawn should have a strong reputation among the community. Personal references are valid, but you may need second opinions to reinforce them. You can verify that reputation by searching for online reviews and databases to see how other community members see those services. In addition, ask the landscaping specialists for references as well to see how they provide their services and how effective they are.

Necessary Qualifications and Experience

In addition to their community reputation, you should also check that the workers have the appropriate license, credentials, and insurance requirements. Again, online databases can assist you to determine how qualified they are. Looking out for these requirements will prevent future legal and operational problems. Additionally, make sure that the landscape employees have the right experience for the job. For example, if you desire more complex structures in your lawn, you will need an architect with college degrees and a license.


Beyond just experience and qualifications, the landscape experts should also strive for reliability and flexibility. The lead designer or architect should communicate with you if there are any issues and he or she should reach back to you as soon as possible if you try to talk to them. Also, the landscapers should adapt to any situations with your yard, depending on the type of work you want done or if any unexpected incidents occur. Ensuring a strong relationship between yourself and the workers is an important priority that will lead to better results.

Provide the Right Price

Consider the specific plan you have for your lawn and all the components that will go into it, as well as the price for everything. After that, consult with a variety of landscapers and obtain different quotes from each one. The ideal landscape company should meet with you regarding the proposed budget and your overall plans.

5 Landscaping Ideas for the Spring

Spring often represents rebirth and a new start after the stagnant nature of winter. Why not use
this opportunity to renovate your Medford, OR lawn through landscaping this season? Proper
landscaping practices not only make your lawn stand out in the neighborhood, but it can also
raise the curb value of your home. Try out some of these landscaping ideas for the spring season.

Use Mulch to Add Color

Mulch not only has its practical uses when it comes to maintaining your lawn in general, but it
can also add some needed color and detail to your landscape. You can choose from a variety of
mulch colors, from red and brown to black and gold. The right amount of mulch adds color and
texture around trees or wherever you choose to place it.

Create a Personal Focal Point

An effective way to personalize the landscape is by adding a focal point that represents you. You
can use an object that brings back a happy memory, like an old bicycle or a wagon, or something
that represents a passion, such as an old sports ball or an instrument. Find creative ways to
integrate these items in your lawn, while also making them stand out from other landscape

Use Outdoor Lighting

All the work placed into your landscape should not only stay visible throughout the day. Install
outdoor lights to ensure the lawn is visible at night. You can place lights near focal points or
other points of interest to bring extra attention to them. Also, you can use lights to illuminate
walkways and paths to increase safety. To add more personality to your lawn, you can get
creative with how you arrange your lights, particularly alongside the paths.

Install Water Features

If you want your landscape to evoke nature, consider installing a small pond or water feature.
Use stone and strategic planting to make it look like it belongs to the rest of the lawn. Remember
to keep this feature simple by using no more than three elements.

Add Seating

Let yourself and your visitors enjoy the natural features of your landscape by installing seating
near trees or flowers. Place it as far away from your home as you can. Use stones or pavers to
add a natural touch to the chair or bench.

Gardening and Landscaping Tips for Fall

How to Work on Your Garden in the Fall

Fall isn’t just a great season for fertilizing and seeding, but it’s an excellent time to do some planting as well. As the temperatures are only beginning to drop, the soil remains warm, making it ideal for root establishment. Cooler weather also decreases the strain put on plants by the heat.

Whether you hope to see your landscape and garden flourish come next spring, or if you simply want to plant in time for the harvest season this fall, it’s not too late to get started. Use the following guidelines to begin the process of creating your very own dream garden.

Schedule Planting Accordingly

Before you plant any trees or shrubs, be sure there will be ample time for the roots to get situated and acclimated before the temperature drops significantly. If your already half-way into the season, opt to plant the species that are quicker to become acclimated in the soil, such as chestnut, maple, sycamore, or crabapple trees and deciduous shrubs. Hold off until springtime to start planting the types of trees that take more time to establish roots.

If you plan to plant fruits or vegetables in your garden this fall, be sure to look at the seed packets, as they have important information concerning what time of the year you should plant them in. Review your packets or search for seeding info online to ensure that there is more than enough time for your seeds to grow prior to planting.

Clean Your Garden Bed

Take the time to clean your garden beds as much as possible before you start planting. Sweep it clear of any fallen sticks, leaves, pinecones, weeds, or other common debris. Doing so is instrumental to avoiding both insect infiltration and fungus growth.

Transfer Fruit Plants

If you have planted raspberries or strawberries at some point during the summer, be sure to transfer them now, as they are prone to depleting the soil of its nutrients and slowing the growth of neighboring plants.Plant Bulbs

Fall is the only time to plant bulbs in time for them to grow in the spring. For the best results, make sure to plant your bulbs promptly after you purchase them and at least 8 weeks prior to the first hard frost of the season.

Whatever flowers and shrubs you want to see in your yard, we can make that happen. Talk with Bumgardeners Landscape for help today.

Simple and Fun Landscaping Project Ideas for Summer

Tackling a landscaping project in your back or front yard can be a fun summertime activity for your whole family. Regardless of whether your yard is big or small, a landscaping project can make a significant impact on the appearance of not only your lawn, but your home, as well. Luckily, there are countless ways and cost-effective landscaping projects you can begin this summer. If you are looking for something simple to get you started, check out the following 4 landscaping projects you should consider trying this season.

Plant Flowers

If your landscape seems to lack color, planting flowers is a great way to enliven the hues of your lawn. Colorful flowers create an eye-catching and inviting landscape, which will cultivate a great environment for your upcoming summer barbecues and outdoor events.

Mow Your Lawn

While mowing your lawn may seem basic, routine maintenance can do wonders for your lawns. During the summer, be sure to mow your lawn regularly. Experts suggest not cutting more than 1-3 inches of the grass height and mowing once during a week.

Be careful not to cut your lawn too short, as doing so can restrict the development of root growth, foster weed development, and impair your lawn’s ability to grow strong.

Try Landscape Curbing

Landscape curbing is the ideal way to add a stylistic flare to your yard and walkways and establish a decorative border to encompass your lawn. You can use pavers, concrete, or brick to curb your landscape, but brick and pavers are the easiest choices to install.

Brighten Up With Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners love to spend time outdoors in the summer, but it can be difficult to navigate after the sun goes down if you don’t have adequate lighting around your home. Brighten up your outdoor areas with some landscape lighting so you can continue spending time in your backyard after the sunlight disappears for the day. Use string lights and lanterns to incorporate a subtle glow around your yard and decrease shadows, whereas placing smaller lights alongside your walkways or deck areas will provide more shadows and flashier patches of light.

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscaper

The rainy Oregon climate makes it an ideal place to develop beautiful gardens and landscaping. Spring has come, and it is time to reevaluate your property and plan. Though it is tempting to do all the work, yourself, it is a good idea to hire a professional landscaper. Following are some reasons why you should hire a landscaper to renovate your property this spring.

Experience Designing and Working in Your Climate

No matter how long you have lived here, you will not have the experience working with properties in Oregon that professional landscapers have. They have worked with numerous different properties, each time learning something new about how to most effectively design and work in this climate.

Boost Your Home Value

Having professional landscaping significantly beautifies your property. Especially if you are planning to sell your home soon, stunning gardens and style will appeal to potential buyers and give you the option of selling your home for more.

Get Artistic Vision

Professional landscapers have often worked with countless clients on all different types of homes. They have developed an artistic vision. A professional landscaper can suggest things you would not have considered if you were doing the landscaping, yourself. New and unique ideas can bring a pleasing, individualistic sense to your home.

Less Maintenance

As enjoyable as gardening is for many people, it is a lot of work to keep up. Most gardens need consistent watering and, for ideal growth, trimming and sheering. Many professional landscapers offer multiple services, including maintenance. You can have them come once a week or twice a month to do anything that is necessary to retain the beauty of your property.

Conserving Water

Though the Oregon rain plays a large role in watering gardens, many people still have some type of irrigation system installed. Most landscapers also offer irrigation help as one of their services. Replacing and improving your irrigation system can save a large amount of water. Not only is it good for the environment, reducing your water usage will save you significant amounts of money on your water bill.