Holiday Landscaping Tips

When you are ready to decorate for the holidays in Medford, Oregon, there are a few tips to help make your landscaping work well for the holidays.  Consider using the landscaping on your property to work with your holiday decorations.  Whether you want to go all out or have a classy and minimalist holiday yard, consider contacting Bumgardners Landscape if you need help with your property this winter. 

  • Cut the hedges in your yard to work well with lighting.  They are great for stringing lights around them or using patterns.  You can also find specialty lights that fit over hedges and light up the whole space.
  • Use decorative pots for plants that thrive during the winter months in Southern Oregon.  You can place these pots on your patio along with outdoor heaters to create an area to entertain in the winter. 
  • Create wreaths out of the clippings and trimmings of plants and bushes from your yard.  A handmade wreath that incorporates the environment is always refreshing.
  • Use garland or handmade garland around your porch and front door.  If you have stairs, garland is an ideal way to decorate and incorporate the outdoors. 
  • If you use window boxes for plants, then utilize these to place in evergreens and ornaments.  Incorporate small lights if you can and create a scene inside your window box that is either jovial or classic.
  • Use pinecones and evergreen branches to fill in areas of your patio and porch.  You can also use these classic winter items inside your home for borders or to fill in small spaces with natural décor. 
  • Use blankets and pillows to create an outdoor area for watching stars and drinking hot drinks during the peaceful winter evenings! 
  • String lights above sections of your yard to highlight your property and give it curbside appeal. 

Holiday landscaping is a great way to decorate and make sure your winter plants are healthy.  As you decorate, inspect your hedges, shrubs, bushes, and trees to make sure they look healthy, and there aren’t any concerns.