Creating a Great Outdoor Space for the Winter Months

Whether you have a lawn covered in snow or a wet yard because of winter rainstorms, having an outdoor space for fun and relaxation in the winter months can allow you to use all your property year-round.  Consider installing a few features for enjoying the outdoors at your Medford, Oregon, home.  

  1. Invest in warmth.  Whether you install a fireplace, fire pit, or a bowl for a small evening fire, you’ll find it warmer in the winter months.  These features are also great for family time and storytelling during winter events.  Purchase local wood for your fire pit and stack it neatly in a decorative stack.  Heat lamps are also a great way to keep your outdoor space warm without having to build a fire nightly.  These lamps are a great addition to any area that you want to enjoy all evening.
  2. Winter greenery is a great way to add a pop to your winter landscape.  Bumgardners Landscape can help you choose the right greenery for winter displays.  You can also have a winter garden that is dedicated only to plants that weather the cold well. 
  3. Use lighting to bring your backyard to life.  Lighting strung across your whole yard or patio can change how you see your entire space.  Stringing lights over an event space can also give your winter yard an inviting and warm feeling for guests. 
  4. Use outdoor furniture to make the space feel warm and cozy.  Add throw pillows and blankets to give the area a comfortable and inviting vibe.  Consider the colors of your home and the plants in your landscaping when you choose the right furniture for your outdoor living space.  A splash of color here and there will give your gathering space a vibrant feeling, even in the middle of the coldest months.
  5. Consider a patio cover if you want to make room outside.  Patio covers are also great if you have a hot tub that you want to use regularly. 
  6. Give yourself and your guests enough space to put down hot cups of cocoa and coffee!  Large coffee tables and delicately placed side tables keep outdoor spaces functional.