Is Your HOA Landscaping Ready for Colder Weather?

If you run an HOA for the residents in the Medford, Oregon area this fall, you may want to consider having your community ready for cold weather as soon as possible.  If the HOA cares for the lawns, trees, or plants in front of homes or a central building, then there may be a big list of things to get done before winter.


Trees may need pruning services and to have mulch put around them to keep water around the roots as much as possible throughout the winter months. 


You may already have leaves falling.  Gathering the leaves is essential so that they don’t become a problem when they get wet.  Leaving leaves on the ground can cause people to slip and fall and may sometimes cause problems for the grass and soil that it covers.  It is best to have leaves removed from the property, and it also looks more managed.


If the plants, yards, or grounds need to be fertilized this fall, then we can help you get the grass fertilized and ready for good spring growth.

Trash and Debris

The fall months can mean that trash blows around the community more often.  We can help you gather the garbage when we are in the area taking care of your HOA landscaping needs. 

Prune Shrubs

Some shrubs may need a trim to make sure they stay healthy and grow better in the spring.  Any plants that look overgrown or unhealthy should have pruning services so they look good and can withstand the colder temperatures better.


If new trees are going into the landscaping in your community.  Fall is the time to get them in the ground.  Then, they will grow with the other trees in the spring, so the growth is natural.


If you aren’t going to use the sprinkler system during the winter.  Fall is the time to have it shut off and repaired if needed. 

Bumgardners Landscape is ready with a qualified team to help get your HOA prepared for the coldest months of the year!