Fall Landscaping Checklist for Your Commercial Location in Medford, OR

During the fall months, landscaping can become much more work than in the summer.  Everything at your commercial location should still look presentable even though the plants are all starting to change, which makes landscaping a bit more challenging.  Consider seasonal help to get through your checklist faster, so that you are ready for the coldest months of the year.

  1. Aeration and fertilization are essential if you have soil that is compact or grass that needs a little extra boost for spring.  Fertilizer also helps turf withstand the colder months.
  2. Making sure that fallen leaves are gathered on your commercial property can be a full-time job in the fall.  The clean-up efforts are important if leaves cover your sidewalks and cause a hazard.
  3. Pruning is essential for many plants and trees.  Cutting back the dead or overgrowth will help them look great when they start to grow again.
  4. If you want to plant new things in your commercial landscaping, then fall is the best time to plant.  Then, everything can grow together in the spring months.
  5. Fall is also the best time to plant tree seeds and late-flowering plants or shrubs.
  6. If you need to mulch to insulate plants from the cold, then fall is the best time to do so. 
  7. Container plants should be brought indoors or replanted in the spring, as they will start to die in the fall weather and look bad in your landscaping.
  8. Consider seeding the lawn at your business if you want the grass to be healthier next spring.  Spreading a layer of seed, or over-seeding will help you have a lush lawn.
  9. Fall is also an excellent time to have your sprinkler systems serviced and turned off if you no longer need it.
  10. You may have trash or debris that blows around more often because of the wind in the fall.  Consider a daily schedule to keep the property as clean as possible.

If you need help tackling your fall checklist at your commercial location in Medford, Bumgardners Landscape can make sure your business is presentable and well-cared for all year.