Plant Your Trees and Shrubs this Fall

Fall is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs for your landscape.  If your home in Medford, Oregon, needs an updated landscape next year, consider planting in the fall so everything will grow together in the spring. 

You may want to start a shade tree, plant some fruit trees, or put up privacy hedges.  All these plants do well when they are installed and cared for in the fall months.  Planting them in the fall will also increase root growth and allow the plant to thrive in the spring.

The Right Soil

If you start with a plant in a container, make sure the plant is watered and wet down to the root ball.  Soak the plant several hours before transferring it to the ground.  A good mixture of soil for backfill is 30 percent compost and 70 percent of the soil in your yard.  This gives your plant a vibrant mix of soil to start the root growing process.


Your utility companies can tell you where it is safe to dig in your yard.  If you know you have underground lines, contact the right people, and get a map of where the lines are on your property.

Dig the hole up to a foot deeper and one or two feet wider than the root ball.  Mix the compost with the soil in the ground.  Use a shovel or spade to mix.  Then add water a few times and let it drain out.   Repeat this step a few times until you have a good mixture of compost and native soil.


Take your plant out of the container it came in and break up the root ball a little bit.  The root system shouldn’t be matted tightly.

Add some backfill to the bottom of the hole and then place the plant on top of it.  Fill in the hole with backfill until it is mounded on top of the level ground. 

If you need assistance installing shrubs and trees into your landscaping, the professionals at Bumgardners Landscape can have everything installed fast, so you can focus on enjoying your yard!