Choosing the Right Decorative Rocks for Your Landscaping Project

Using rock in landscaping is a growing trend in Medford, OR.  They are popular because they help conserve water and even allow more water to saturate plants in the landscaping for longer during hot months.  There are many types of decorative landscaping rocks.  Each type of rock has a great color and adds to the beauty of a garden or landscaped yard, but they all also serve different purposes in landscaping.

River Rock

River rock is colorful!  You will see colors like brown, red, white, black, and grey.  Using river rock in larger beds helps keep them bright and looking more colorful than other rocks.  They are best used for big areas because they are larger, flatter, and more colorful than the other types of decorative rocks.

Chipped Rock

Chipped rock is around the same size as river rock, and it is pieces of larger rocks that are chipped into pieces.  They are not a smooth landscaping rock.  Chipped rock is usually just one color, and the most popular color is white.  These rocks look good in a flower bed or around a pool.  If you have a potted garden, chipped rocks are also good for this type of garden.

Lava Rock

Little pieces of lava are red and typically used for accenting areas of landscaping that would otherwise be bare.  They are great for large and small areas, but they are not smooth, so people shouldn’t walk barefoot on them!


Flagstone is a great stone to use for steppingstones or building paths throughout your landscaping.  Flagstone looks natural and tends to flow with other rocks in your landscaping.  While this rock is not something that replaces a mulch or other filler for landscaping, it is a great type of rock to use in areas that you need places to step or as a border around beds.

If you need help coming up with a plan for your landscaping this summer, Bumgardners Landscape in Medford can help you decide on the rocks and plants that right for your yard or property.