The Best Time To Fertilizer Your Lawn in Oregon

Frequency matters when applying fertilizer

fertilized lawn exampleHave you ever heard the phrase, “the grass is always green on the other side?” Well, it just so happens that the other side (perhaps your neighbor’s lawn) got this reputation from being fed regularly. Dark, lush yards do not happen overnight.

It is hard work getting that perfect, plush looking lawn, and even harder keeping it that way. Lay your worries aside, because we are going to let you in on a trade secret only the landscaping pros know. Fertilizing is not an exact science, but there is a right and wrong time to do it.

For most properties, the sweet spot is three times per season excluding winter, though we have come across some pretty neglected lawns that could benefit from an extra dose of fertilizer in this time span. Timing is everything; the trick is to fertilize when your grass is hungry, and in Oregon this is April, June and somewhere between the end of August and beginning of September.

Though winter is often mild for coastal residents, we do not recommend fertilizing until spring after the final fall application. Why? Doing so could offset the vital chemical Ph balance needed to produce healthy grass.  Keep in mind that the amount of fertilizer you should be applying will depend wholly on the results of the soil test. Always remember to perform one before installing the product, as this test will tell you exactly how much fertilizer is needed for the desired effect. In this sense, it is somewhat of an exact science, though planting a little extra rarely does any damage.

Most Oregon lawns need a minimal amount of fertilization to look great all year-round, but you can definitely tell which ones are being neglected. Brown grass is not the only problem to be aware of. Weeds and diseases (brown blight, rust and red threat are the major culprits in the state due to the huge presence of perennial ryegrass in residential and commercial landscapes) also occur in un and under-fertilized lawns. That being said, the right product will arm your yard with an adequate defense against these threats and enhance its ability to resist them.

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