April To-Dos For Your Yard

10340975_sSpring is here and that means spending time in the garden. While gardening might seem like a lot of work to some people, to others it is a labor of love and the time spent is relaxing and enjoyable. There is no shortage of chores to be done to get your garden in tip top shape and spring is especially busy.

With the bees active and pollinating, the sun shining bright, and the ground thawed after the hard winter spring is just the season for gardening.

Here are some to-do’s that must be done this month in your garden:

Plant lily bulbs this month in pots. To get your summer time lily display ready, start planting lily bulbs now and use planters. This makes them mobile and you can bring them in if there is an unexpected late frost. This also allows you to place them anywhere around your home during the summer when you have different events happening outside and need various seating arrangements. Lilies are the perfect summer time flower for adding color and beauty to any outside area. Fill a pot with 12” of compost soil, plant three bulbs, and then cover them with soil to the top of the pot. Once the plant begins to shoot, move it to a sunny spot and feed with plant feed weekly once the summer begins

Add a healthy layer of compost soil to your flower and garden beds to prepare for the growing season. This will provide rich nutrients and food to your soil so that, as your plants begin to grow, the soil they are in is already nutrient-rich and feeding them.

Give your shrubs, trees, and hedges a slow-released fertilizer by adding it to the surface of the soil. This is especially true for roses.

If you have bulbs that have finished flowering such as daffodils, now is the time to transfer them to the outdoors

Any climbing plants such as rambling roses or honeysuckle should be tied in to train the plant

Add supports to any plants that need it

Keep an eye on the moisture level of any plants you have in pots, the warm weather will dry them out much quicker than you are used to

This month kicks off the growing season for most of your plants and now is the time to get things in place before they’ve grown too much. Follow these tips for getting your garden prepared!

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