All About Commercial Composting

A big part of caring for plants and having healthy landscaping is to provide your plants with nutrient-rich soil. One way to add more nutrients to your soil is to make and use your compost. Commercial properties aren’t excluded from doing this; commercial composting is something every business should consider.

How It Works

Compost is made by setting apart food scraps instead of throwing them away. By gathering these scraps, they can be put into a composter or taken outside. In both cases, the scraps will be broken down by bugs and worms, resulting in compost being created. Different scraps contain different nutrients, and you might be surprised at what your business can compost.

What Businesses Can Do

Businesses produce a lot of waste, and a lot of that waste can be composted. It goes beyond food products. For example, you can eliminate paper products, like toilet paper rolls or paper cups. All you have to do is set aside a bin for people to toss their compostable materials in. Once it’s full, throw the compost around your landscaping and let your plants and soil reap the benefits.

Why Do It?

Commercial composting is beneficial for us as well. In addition to keeping our landfills smaller and giving back to the Earth, your business can benefit from having a healthy garden and an environmentally-friendly policy. People will be more likely to patronize you if they agree with what your business is doing, and you’ll be able to have vibrant and beautiful outdoors without needing to pay a ton of money to replace or help your soil. If you have a commercial property and care about landscaping it, composting is a great way to help that landscaping thrive.

Need Help?

If you need help maintaining your commercial landscaping or want more ways to help your plants, contact Bumgardners Landscape today.