5 Tall, Fast-Growing Trees for Your Oregon Commercial Property

Landscaping may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, but it can be extremely valuable in helping your business make a great first impression with prospective clients. Enhancing your commercial property with blooming flowers, sculptural trees, and well-trimmed shrubs not only allows you to improve the curb appeal of your property it also enables you to impact how others perceive your business as a whole. Trees in particular offer shade, privacy, cleaner air, and reduced energy costs by shielding your property from the summer sun.

Consider having your professional landscaping company plant the following five tree species on your commercial property:

  1. Paper Birch – Paper birch grows at a rate of 1.5 to 2 feet per year and can reach an impressive 50 to 70 feet tall. This species features white, smooth, papery bark that adds an interesting visual detail to your property. These trees prefer well-drained soil but are also relatively tolerant to drought.
  2. Quaking Aspen – Native to Oregon, the quaking aspen features creamy white bark and stunning yellow foliage during the fall. The name of this species comes from the soft, soothing sound the leaves make as they move in the wind. It is easy to grow and can grow 2 to 5 feet each year. Fully grown trees can reach nearly 50 feet tall.
  3. Hybrid Poplar – Another popular species for commercial properties, hybrid poplar can grow to 50 to 70 feet tall at maturity. These varieties grow at a fast rate of 8 to 10 feet per year, meaning you can enjoy the shade and beauty after only a few years. Hybrid poplars are tough, sturdy, disease-resistant, and feature unique silver leaves.
  4. Leyland Cypress – Leyland cypress is a tall, slender evergreen that can create a beautiful privacy screen when grown 5 to 8 feet apart. This species grows around 4 feet each year and is relatively low maintenance, only requiring annual pruning. It tolerates all types of soil and becomes drought tolerant after reaching maturity.
  5. Tulip Trees – Named for their tulip-like flowers, tulip trees feature large, shiny, orange, and yellow blooms that produce fragrant nectar well known for attracting hummingbirds. These trees grow a minimum of 2 feet per year in full sun and can reach 60 to 90 feet once fully grown. They are insect and disease resistant and thrive in all soil types.

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