5 Landscaping Ideas for the Spring

Spring often represents rebirth and a new start after the stagnant nature of winter. Why not use
this opportunity to renovate your Medford, OR lawn through landscaping this season? Proper
landscaping practices not only make your lawn stand out in the neighborhood, but it can also
raise the curb value of your home. Try out some of these landscaping ideas for the spring season.

Use Mulch to Add Color

Mulch not only has its practical uses when it comes to maintaining your lawn in general, but it
can also add some needed color and detail to your landscape. You can choose from a variety of
mulch colors, from red and brown to black and gold. The right amount of mulch adds color and
texture around trees or wherever you choose to place it.

Create a Personal Focal Point

An effective way to personalize the landscape is by adding a focal point that represents you. You
can use an object that brings back a happy memory, like an old bicycle or a wagon, or something
that represents a passion, such as an old sports ball or an instrument. Find creative ways to
integrate these items in your lawn, while also making them stand out from other landscape

Use Outdoor Lighting

All the work placed into your landscape should not only stay visible throughout the day. Install
outdoor lights to ensure the lawn is visible at night. You can place lights near focal points or
other points of interest to bring extra attention to them. Also, you can use lights to illuminate
walkways and paths to increase safety. To add more personality to your lawn, you can get
creative with how you arrange your lights, particularly alongside the paths.

Install Water Features

If you want your landscape to evoke nature, consider installing a small pond or water feature.
Use stone and strategic planting to make it look like it belongs to the rest of the lawn. Remember
to keep this feature simple by using no more than three elements.

Add Seating

Let yourself and your visitors enjoy the natural features of your landscape by installing seating
near trees or flowers. Place it as far away from your home as you can. Use stones or pavers to
add a natural touch to the chair or bench.