4 Tips for End of Summer Landscaping

We know that Summer isn’t over yet, but preparing for the future is always important. That’s why now is an excellent time to start thinking about what needs to be done to ensure that your landscaping will continue looking attractive to potential clients. Making sure that your business seems put together is crucial to looking professional.

1. Check All of Your Hardscaping

Damage can happen so quickly to outdoor spaces. Whether from the effects of a storm, critters, or unfortunate events, your hardscaping may have experienced damage. It’s vital to inventory everything that needs to be repaired before the weather gets colder. Repairing damage now saves replacing it in the future.

2. Check the Landscaping Too

Don’t forget damage can also happen to your trees, shrubs, flowers, and bushes. While hardscaping is a pretty obvious place where damage can occur, parts of your landscape can also be susceptible to damage from storms, extreme weather, and more. Keeping an eye on what looks healthy and what might need a little help is helpful for the health of the rest of your plants. 

3. Start Now

Just like starting the process of late Summer, landscaping is great to start now, and so is planting. Preparing for the next season should start now. To ensure that new trees and shrubs are ready for next year, planting and acclimating them now and preparing Spring plants for early blooms will help them be ready to stun earlier. 

4. Don’t Forget Color

While regular blooming seasons might be coming to a close, that doesn’t mean your landscape needs to be dismissed. Incorporating fall colors into your landscape will help keep it looking beautiful and professional.

If you’re ready to start thinking about preparing your commercial landscape for the fall, contact the team at Bumgardners today.

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