4 Spring Landscape Ideas to Bring Your Lawn to Life

Spring Landscape Ideas

Spring is on the way, and it’s time to consider some outdoor projects. It doesn’t take much to make your yard a vibrant, beautiful, and individual extension of yourself.

  1. Plant a single tree. It doesn’t take much effort to plant a tree, and even less to maintain one. The payoff is a tree that will signify your individuality long past the effort it takes to plant and maintain it. Choosing the right tree is key. You should choose one that adds a unique dimension to your yard and sets your lawn apart from your neighbors. For instance, the Japanese Maple offers vibrant color, form, and texture while being a very hardy species that can thrive in almost any weather climate.
  2. Use colored mulch. Mulch is important for the health of your garden beds and planting areas, as well as around the base of your newly planted tree. You can choose from a variety of colors to bring out the most impactful color contracts you can dream up. Using pinecones can add a unique texture that is sure to break up the monotony of a flat lawn.
  3. Add unique edging. Maintaining edging in your landscape brings a neat, orderly look to your yard, but you can further enhance your individual style by using unique items such as colored hockey sticks, upside-down wine bottles, golf clubs, or even plants such as Lily of the Valley, Vinca, Lamb’s Ears, or Pachysandra. These plants will add color and texture and are low-maintenance.
  4. Create an individual focal point. To really bring out your individual personality, create a focal point out of anything that inspires you, such as an old wagon, toy truck, bicycle, lobster traps, or even just a table with assorted plants and flowers placed atop it.

Your yard is an extension of you, so create something that tells people about who you are. Learn more by visiting our website.