4 Best Flowers to Grow During the Summer

Southern Oregon

Many homeowners in the Medford, Oregon area believe that summertime is the time of year when the spring blooms have all died and nothing can grow until the weather cools. This is not the case, and you can have beautiful flowers in your garden this summer if you choose the right seeds and bulbs. Some of these flowers need some time to grow, but you’ll notice that all of them will bloom beautifully during the hottest months of the year.


These beautiful flowers bloom in many different colors, and once you plant them the bulbs will continue providing you with gorgeous flowers year after year. They also create grass-like foliage that can perfectly compliment shrubs and other vegetation.


Sunflowers are traditional, beautiful, and provide some additional benefits that might surprise you. While they can be difficult to grow to maturity, once they establish, they will grow tall and proud. It’s a good idea to plant these in a part of your yard that is away from your home as they will attract pollinators. You can provide the bees around your area with a fantastic food source while adding beautiful golden color to your property, and you can harvest the seeds and toast them, too!


These flowers are large, bold, and absolutely beautiful. A bulb plant, gladiolus will continue blooming every year and thrives in warm weather. You need to plant them near other foliage that can provide them with support, otherwise you may need to arrange a few stalks to give them the lift they need to grow prominently.


Also known as Butterfly Bushes, Buddleia has a bad reputation as an invasive plant due to its tendency to grow out of control. However, if you plant Buddleia in a drier part of your yard you should be able to keep it contained. The stalks will die off in the winter, but this plant can provide splashes of color in more remote parts of your garden.

Try planting these flowers around your landscape if you want a more colorful garden this summer. If you need help restoring your garden or need some professional guidance to get it just right, contact Bumgardner’s Landscape in Medford, OR.