2021 Landscape Trends To Watch

2021 Landscape Trends To Watch

As we pass the halfway point of the winter season, it’s time to start looking forward to the months and seasons ahead. While warmer weather certainly means grilling and bike rides, it also means an increased focus on your outdoor landscaping. Winter is the perfect time to start considering what you might want your yard to look like in the spring.

Landscaping Trends of 2021

With increased planning and preparation during cold months, you can easily have a yard you love by the time summer hits. Here are some 2021 landscaping trends to consider while you plan.

  • Native plants. Many people recognize how much growing plants that are native to the region can benefit the earth and the ecosystem. As an added bonus, native plants in their native climate grow incredibly well and can improve the look of your yard quickly.
  • Smart gardens. As technology for the home advances, many people are using their smartphones and smart devices to create a technology-forward garden. Moisture-sensing irrigation systems help take the guesswork out of plant watering and keep you from having to remember to bring out the hose.
  • Pollinator gardens. A huge trend in garden design over the past year or so is the addition of pollinator-friendly plants. These areas, or pollinator gardens, give bumblebees and butterflies plenty of space and pollen to choose from, and it helps the environment too!
  • Flat backyards are becoming less popular with the advent of concepts like vertical gardening. Even if you don’t want to go all the way to that side, adding levels of garden beds and plants really helps draw the eye around your yard and make the space feel more interesting. Taller plants are also a great substitute for privacy fences if you don’t want your neighbors peeking into your backyard barbecue.

Get Landscape Help from the Pros

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