Four Reasons to Get Commercial Landscaping This Summer

Expert landscaping assistance and support can have a meaningful influence on the prosperity of your Medford, Oregon, company. With regular commercial maintenance procedures for your commercial property, you can create a better functioning environment for your workers and deliver greater experiences for your clients and customers. Thankfully, summertime is the optimal period to start organizing your commercial landscaping plans to improve the appearance and marketability of your business property or community building. If you are still on the fence about committing to commercial landscaping services, check out the following benefits of investing in your company’s landscape this season.


Enhanced Visual Appeal


Financing professional commercial landscaping services and ongoing maintenance procedures for your property can dramatically extend the visual charm of your company’s outside area and bring in additional consumers. When first-time visitors and new consumers see the time and effort you have invested to make your commercial property’s exterior visually attractive, they will be impressed with the appealing atmosphere and will be more likely to return to your business. This can improve your ability to not only draw in new consumers but maintain your current ones as well.


Environmentally Beneficial


If you make a concerted effort to take responsibility for the upkeep and purity of your commercial property’s outside area, you will also demonstrate your business’s dedication to taking responsibility of the land encompassing your commercial building. Your customers and potential clients will enjoy the atmosphere your landscaping creates and may appreciate the care you take with your environment.


Increased Quality and Value


Commercial properties with excellently organized and well-preserved landscapes have an improved chance of drawing in more customers and increasing the underlying value of their businesses. Professional commercial landscaping can empower your company to shine when compared with your bordering competitors and increase the value of your property to generate lasting success within your neighborhood.


Improved Working Conditions


Financing commercial landscaping can produce a healthier atmosphere for your staff. A properly managed and tastefully planned landscape with abundant plants can make your property’s surroundings more tranquil for your workers, which can enhance team spirit and promote customer service.

Five Popular Landscaping Trends This Season

Summer in Medford, Oregon, is best spent outdoors, which means it the optimal time to start renewing your home’s exterior space, so you can reap the benefits of a beautiful landscape throughout the duration of the summer. 


If you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming residential landscaping project, take a look at the some of the top landscaping trends \for the latest and greatest ideas of the season. 


Adding Outdoor Lighting


Many people want to spend time outdoors without having to abandon the appealing aspects of their indoor environments. Outdoor lighting is a detail that can provide a pleasant, sunny spirit to an outdoor space. Lighting can be added to outdoor fireplaces, garden beds, decks, swimming pools, and staircases to create a truly glowing effect. Extra outdoor lighting can also make spending time outdoors enjoying your landscape safer after the sun has gone down.


Installing Outdoor Appliances


Modern landscapes are built for the purpose of both living and entertaining. They combine functionality and elegance to create a high-quality outdoor space. Numerous homeowners enjoy cooking and entertaining on their landscapes and yearn to bring all their indoor amenities to their outdoor areas.


This is precisely why installing outdoor furniture and appliances, such as showers, baths, bars, lounge areas, televisions, and fully functioning outdoor kitchens are some of the most prominent trends this season. Homeowners relish the comfort of having a fridge, ice maker, and storage cupboards readily available in their outdoor spaces for added convenience. 


Incorporating Colors


Adding a burst of color to your landscape is a key trend this year. There is a special interest in incorporating contrasting colors within a garden and a across the landscape in hopes of creating a truly playful and eye-catching assortment outdoor scene. 


Customized Fire Pits


Tailor-made fire pits are another vital landscaping trend that has been popular for several years. Homeowners enjoy warming their outdoor space with a custom-made fire pit made especially for their unique landscapes.


Growing Food in the Garden


In addition to growing colorful plants, growing fresh fruits and vegetables in your outdoor garden has become popular way to eat healthy this season.

How to Recognize and Dispose of Lawn Disease and Pests

Caring properly for your lawn requires regular mowing, watering, and consistently examining for insects.  If you are like countless other homeowners in Medford, Oregon, you have encountered an uninvited guest or guests on your property at some point or another. Insects can pull nutrients from your grass, which can cause roots to be damaged and may even cause permanent damage to your lawn. Most individuals opt not to use toxic forms of insecticides on lawns due to the presence of children and animals. Protecting your lawn from damaging insects can take effort and time, but it is important to know how to shield it from insect damage. Consider the following advice to further ensure the protection of your lawn’s health.


Red Grass

One of the most common lawn diseases is red grass, which causes patches of grass to form red colors. This can quickly cause the grass to die, so try treating the lawn with ammonium sulfate as soon as you detect any evidence of red grass. In addition, regularly aerate to enhance air distribution.


Rusty Grass

Rusty grass is a disease that tends to spread quickly in a lawn, resulting in yellow areas of grass. There is no chemical solution for this issue, but routine mowing procedures and removing clippings can deter this disease from spreading to your entire lawn.


Snow Mold

This is a fungal disease that typically appears after snow and manifests itself as brown-yellow, and sometimes white regions on a lawn. This disease can distribute itself quickly throughout a lawn and destroy it altogether. To deter snow mold, do not use feeds that are high in nitrogen.



Anthills are eyesores on a lawn, and many people use biological agents to get rid of them. Typical ant sprays are not effective on lawns, as they are typically used in homes and buildings where ants do not have the ability to nest in hollow areas in the soil.


Mushroom Rings

These appear to look like toadstools or mushrooms growing in your lawn. Chemical solutions are typically unavailable to people who are not verified experts, so if you want to rid your lawn of this, it might be best to call a professional.

Four Basic Lawn Care Tips

You know what a beautiful lawn looks like, but do you know how to maintain it? Many homeowners in Medford, Oregon, dream of having a healthy looking, freshly trimmed green lawn, but some may not know how to go about sustaining such a lawn. There are three elements that impact the health of your lawn: the weather, soil, and correct lawn care procedures. Though the weather and soil quality are out of your control, you are in control of the way you handle your lawn, which can make a huge difference if taken seriously. If you are in the dark about keeping your lawn looking gorgeous and smooth, here are some basic tips to help you:


1. Water When the Lawn Is Dry

For the most part, grass needs one and one and a half inches of water each week, and this is especially important throughout the summer months. Water your lawn thoroughly in the morning but not every day. Once a week is sufficient.


2. Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp

Sharp cutting with a worn-out blade can result in a bunch of grass with frayed and ragged looking edges. This kind of grass will turn brown at a rapid pace and will increase the chances that the grass will become diseased.


3. Change Up Your Mowing Style

Altering your mowing pattern certifies that the wheels are not going over the same regions each time, which can easily result in barren areas and weaken the quality of the grass overall.


4. Fertilize Completely but Not Excessively

Fertilize four times on an annual basis but keep the process simple. You may be able to fertilize once a year if you opt to fertilize in the fall, because it offers the opportunity for energy and nutrients to increase in cooler weather and the roots can store nutrients in the winter, which will result in enhanced growth in the spring. In addition, choose a fertilizer with a label of 4-1-2, and don’t hesitate to consult with an expert for advice about the optimal type of fertilizer for your grass and soil. Opt to apply fertilizer about three weeks before the last mowing of the season.



Preparing Your Trees for Spring Growth

Winter is here for Medford, OR, and many gardeners sit in anticipation of the coming spring when they can get outside again. However, some things don’t need to wait until spring. There are several steps you can take during winter to set your trees up for a fantastic growing season.



The best time to prune back your trees comes when they are dormant or inactive. Dormant pruning helps prepare your trees for the growth its already gearing up to do. Doing this during winter allows you to cut out dead limbs now and protects your trees from parasite invasion. Any cuts you make in the bark will have plenty of time to heal before pests return in the spring and frees your tree to grow rather than repair itself.

Decay fungi spread abundantly during fall, meaning any damage done during pruning in these months is more likely to become infected. Delay your pruning until later in winter to avoid this problem.



With your tree free of foliage, take the time to look your tree over thoroughly. Watch for any signs of damage from snow, ice, or something striking the tree. Also, look for small holes in the trunk and other signs of decay, like cracks or dead limbs. If your tree is going to need help come spring, it’s best to know now rather than later.



Sometimes, you’ll need to remove large branches or even trees depending on the health of the plant. Cutting off dead limbs or branches helps protect the tree from heavy snow and ice and gives your tree a fighting chance at recovery. Branches that overhang your home or driveway should be cut back or removed entirely.



If you have trees near a road that is salted, wrap the tree trunks with special paper to keep the toxic substance off your plants. Additionally, if you have trees that scald under the winter’s sun, put on some sunscreen by wrapping with the same type of paper or by buying special mixtures to paint the south side of the trunk.


If you need help preparing your trees for spring, removing dead trees, or protecting your plants from winter’s dangers, call Bumgardners Landscaping in Medford, OR today to schedule an appointment with our highly trained professionals.